No longer are women limited to the simple colored compacts of the 1990’s, there’s a new player in town that is delivering some amazing results. Today, women are taking notice of colorless or white-looking powders and asking their makeup studio experts; “What is a translucent powder, anyway?” and, “Is it different than the beige powder I’ve been using for years?”

What’s the Difference?

When most women hear “setting powder,” they think of the skin-toned, loose or pressed powders that they’ve relied on for years. However, white-looking, colorless, “translucent” powders have become increasingly popular, and at Faces by FREDA, we’ve been hearing a lot of our clients ask what the difference is between the two types, and which powder they should choose.

“Translucent” is a term used in the cosmetics industry for decades, and it means the powder sets liquid makeup and blots oil but doesn’t cover flaws by itself. These powders can be skin-toned, or white. The colored powders that we’re all a little more familiar with help to keep liquid foundation from settling into lines and pores, blot excess oil, and add a little color to the face.

The newer, white-looking powders flooding the cosmetics market right now (often called “HD powders”) add no color and contain lighter-weight ingredients that look more natural in photographs. Although this type of powder doesn’t help to even the color of the skin, it has a finer texture that forgives the appearance of fine lines and large pores.

Some makeup artists prefer the new, colorless, “translucent” powders because colored powder almost always turns darker after absorbing oil – changing the look of makeup. The colorless, translucent powders stay color-true all day.

“A colorless powder works better for someone with acne because the traditional colored powders will eventually darken over the blemishes, creating brown patches. A colorless powder provides a more uniform look.” Says Mary Edmonds, one of our talented makeup artists here at Faces by FREDA.

The makeup studio at Faces by FREDA carries both skin-toned and colorless translucent powders, and our artists choose what’s right for a client based on their skin and lifestyle. Give us a call and we get a new powder ordered and on its way to you today.