Many of us face this struggle with this annoying little problem on a daily basis, dark black or purplish under eye circles that we just can’t seem to figure out how to cover up! Typically, we see women trying a bunch of different concealers and powders to try to mask this pesky problem area but end up feeling discouraged. Obviously, there are a lot of products and techniques out there that claim to solve this issue, but which ones can you trust to deliver results?

Here are FREDA’s best makeup studio tips to help truly cover that annoying dark area:

1. Less is More

Take a small amount of concealer and lightly dab it onto skin with a concealer brush, start this only in the inner corner of the eye where you see darkness; then pat with your finger to blend. Remember that covering the entire under-eye area with too much makeup is unnecessary and leads to a cakey and unnatural look.

2. Be Color Cautious

Pick a concealer color that a little more peach than skin-tone for lighter-skinned women, and a bit more orange than skin-tone for darker skinned women. These colors will help to cancel out the gray and ashy colors that often result from the concealer. Many women make the mistake of selecting colors that are just too light for them, and they apply too much, which causes a sunglass appearance around the eyes.

3. Get Loose!

Set your completed look with a loose powder. Doing so will help to avoid any excess concealer from settling into any fine lines – causing yucky makeup lines right under the eye.

4. Prevent Them From Showing Up!

Many times dark circles form because of allergies, a night of having one too many, or sleep deprivation. Remember that some preventative habits can help reduce their appearance. Drink plenty of water, use your eye cream daily, and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

At Faces by FREDA, we are the experts in making women in the Novi area look and feel fantastic. Whether you want more advice on covering those dark circles or how you can get the best brow and smoky eye, we can help! Give us a call and set up an appointment with one of our makeup experts to find out how we can teach you all the skills to look as fabulous as ever!