This summer season sure has been a steamy one! You might even find yourself looking up into the mirror and thinking to yourself, “How in the world did my face get so shiny?!” For some of us, as the temperature rises, so does the amount of oil sitting on our face.

But don’t get too discouraged! A shiny complexion a common problem that many of us face. The good news is there are some steps you can take to diminish that wet-looking appearance. Here are FREDA’s Makeup Studio tips that will help you to get back into the smooth zone:

  1. Don’t over-strip your face with harsh cleansers and toners in the morning; it has a boomerang effect that makes the skin produce more oil throughout the day.
  2. If your face feels tight right after you wash it, your cleanser is probably too harsh, and you should go in search of a more gentle version.
  3. Use a lightweight moisturizer; they help to keep the skin more in balance.
  4. Don’t use a foundation that’s “light-reflecting” or “light diffusing”. The same pearlized particles that give a healthy glow in the winter can often create a shine during the summer.
  5. Avoid mineral powder foundations during the summer months, as they can create an oily appearance in humid weather.

But keep in mind that every skin type is a little bit different, and if you want to learn the best way to prevent shiny skin in a way that is customized to you, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We will personalize your beauty routine so you’re on your way to skin that is smooth and soft all year long!