Freda Ansara

Freda Ansara

Makeup Artist, Founder of FREDA Cosmetics product line and Owner of Faces by FREDA and Salon FREDA.

You may know her as the woman who always has a smile on her face. The woman you can turn to for advice when life gets messy. Or the woman who makes the perfect eyebrow arch and flawless complexion look effortless. Freda seems to do it all.

While all those things are true, Freda Ansara is much more than the ray of sunshine that beams through the windows of her boutique. She is a self-made woman; a woman who has known struggle, loss, competition, and success. Freda has defied expectations and believes that your life is not defined by circumstances, but by how you respond to those circumstances.

It’s with that ferocity of spirit that Freda has become one of the most well respected people in the beauty industry, winning numerous awards and nation-wide recognition for her talent. She is known by women from Los Angeles to New York and as far south as Miami. Freda is highly regarded as an expert in bridal makeup, eyebrow design, customized skincare programs – and is the head of her own cosmetics line. She remains one of the most sought after makeup artists in the industry.

For the past 10 years, Freda has been servicing clients in her own high-end cosmetics boutique in Novi, MI, Faces by Freda. She chose to grow her business in Michigan because it has always been home to her. Her mother and father instilled the value of family and of humility, and raised her with the mindset to take care of others and to see the beauty in all things. That perspective has stayed with Freda through her years in business, and helped her develop a team of like-minded women and give them an opportunity to blossom. She often refers to her team as family, and it’s clear that that bond is an important one.

Five years into owning Faces by Freda, she saw an opportunity to grow and wanted more. Which is what led to the opening of Salon Freda, a full service hair salon located just a few doors down from the boutique. Freda has built her brand on the idea that every woman is beautiful regardless of age, race, or social background. She believes women can find something that makes them feel beautiful in her stores.

Freda started out as girl with dreams and has become a woman with gratitude. She isn’t afraid to step outside of her comfort zone, defines success on her own terms, and makes it clear that she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Customer Testimonial

Fantastic place to go!: Sometimes eavesdropping works to your benefit! I heard someone talking about Faces by FREDA and what a phenomenal job the owner, Freda, does on brows. I was in need of a new place to go, and all I can say is – fantastic! The atmosphere is elegant and relaxed. It is girly-girl heaven, and the people who work here are the kindest, most helpful people you could hope to meet in this type of business. There is never a concern for being pushed into anything, and their number one priority is to make you look your best! I love this place. It is a must for anyone who loved playing with their mom’s makeup as a girl!
~ sassy11973
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