This Michigan summer has sure been a HOT one! And with all this heat means trips to the beach and of course, putting on those swimsuits. With that, ladies have to take extra special care of our areas “down there” to maintain that beautiful, smooth-looking skin. A Brazilian wax can be the perfect solution for maintaining a smooth and comfortable appearance – you just have to get beyond your fears and try it out!

Here at Faces by FREDA, we understand that getting the best Brazilian wax also means you need to have a comfortable and clean environment you can trust. Here’s what we are doing to ensure we are delivering the best possible Brazilian wax services to our clients:

No Double-Dipping
Many salons (yes, even some of the high-end ones) use a wooden wax applicator to spread the wax; then they stick it back into a wax pot which can become a breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to viral and fungal infections. (Yuck!) At Faces by FREDA, we use a fresh, disposable applicator each time that we dip into the wax pot.

Expert Estheticians
Everyone’s hair grows a little bit differently, so it’s important to have a wax technician that understand the various wax products and application techniques to ensure the best results and the least amount of irritation or ingrown hairs. Our estheticians are educated on these products and techniques so they can deliver the most customized experience for each client.

Customized Waxing Routines
Because each client is different, each waxing process needs its own schedule to get optimal results. Our technicians work with our clients to recommend how much hair growth they should have as well as the schedule of follow-up visits that will ensure the best results.

Here at Faces by FREDA, our highly-skilled esthetician, Nancy, understands that Brazilian waxing can seem a little scary at first, but she knows how to set our clients at ease, so they feel comfortable coming back time and time again. Please give us a call today and set up an appointment, Nancy would love to show you how Faces by FREDA delivers the best Brazilian wax services possible!