Start Rocking These Fall Makeup Trends!

We can’t believe it, but September is already here! And that means it’s time to start thinking about cozy sweaters, boots, pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING, and of course, making sure our makeup is on-point for the season. But much like fashion trends, makeup trends are always changing, so you might be wondering what the upcoming season’s trends are going to be […]

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Getting the Perfect Brow When You Hardly Have Any

Here at Faces by FREDA, we love helping women achieve a perfect brow – because we are the experts! And we understand a lot of women struggle to get great brows because they don’t grow (or stopped growing) hair in that area. So, can you still achieve a beautiful but not fake-looking brow when you are lacking in that […]

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    FREDA’S Makeup Studio Tips: Covering Those Pesky Under Eye Circles

FREDA’S Makeup Studio Tips: Covering Those Pesky Under Eye Circles

Many of us face this struggle with this annoying little problem on a daily basis, dark black or purplish under eye circles that we just can’t seem to figure out how to cover up! Typically, we see women trying a bunch of different concealers and powders to try to mask this pesky problem area but end up feeling discouraged. […]

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    FREDA’s Makeup Studio Tips: 5 Tricks to Help Battle a Shiny Face

FREDA’s Makeup Studio Tips: 5 Tricks to Help Battle a Shiny Face

This summer season sure has been a steamy one! You might even find yourself looking up into the mirror and thinking to yourself, “How in the world did my face get so shiny?!” For some of us, as the temperature rises, so does the amount of oil sitting on our face.

But don’t get too discouraged! A shiny complexion a […]

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How You Can Get the Best Brazilian Wax

This Michigan summer has sure been a HOT one! And with all this heat means trips to the beach and of course, putting on those swimsuits. With that, ladies have to take extra special care of our areas “down there” to maintain that beautiful, smooth-looking skin. A Brazilian wax can be the perfect solution for maintaining a smooth and […]

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FREDA’s Makeup Studio Tips: What is a Translucent Powder?

No longer are women limited to the simple colored compacts of the 1990’s, there’s a new player in town that is delivering some amazing results. Today, women are taking notice of colorless or white-looking powders and asking their makeup studio experts; “What is a translucent powder, anyway?” and, “Is it different than the beige powder I’ve been using for […]

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Salon FREDA: Your Novi Hair Color Experts!

At Salon FREDA, we take the hair coloring process very seriously. We know how important it is that your color looks vibrant, fresh, and fantastic from the moment you leave our salon until the time you come back to touch up your new growth. There’s a ton of options in the Detroit area when it comes to hair color […]

4 Tips to Finding Talented Stylists in Novi

Most of us have been there once or twice – your hair stylist or makeup artist has moved away or changed their schedule, and you are now without your trusted beauty professional. You are suddenly in the unenviable position of hunting for a new stylist. What if you try someone new and they butcher your hair? How can you […]

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    Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C This Summer (And all year long, too!)

Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C This Summer (And all year long, too!)

Summer is here, and you know that means your skin is more prone to the harmful effects of the sun. You know it’s important to take precautions to protect your skin to maintain a truly healthy glow, but you might be wondering if a topical Vitamin C product is really necessary? You already use a moisturizer with SPF, so […]

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What’s a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is an amazing investment into yourself. It leaves your skin healthy, fresh and renewed. More and more women today are discovering how transformative this service is for their skin’s appearance and texture. Even as it becomes more popular, there are still many of our clients that seem a little hesitant to try because they simply don’t […]

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