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Getting the Perfect Brow When You Hardly Have Any

Here at Faces by FREDA, we love helping women achieve a perfect brow – because we are the experts! And we understand a lot of women struggle to get great brows because they don’t grow (or stopped growing) hair in that area. So, can you still achieve a beautiful but not fake-looking brow when you are lacking in that […]

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    FREDA’S Makeup Studio Tips: Covering Those Pesky Under Eye Circles

FREDA’S Makeup Studio Tips: Covering Those Pesky Under Eye Circles

Many of us face this struggle with this annoying little problem on a daily basis, dark black or purplish under eye circles that we just can’t seem to figure out how to cover up! Typically, we see women trying a bunch of different concealers and powders to try to mask this pesky problem area but end up feeling discouraged. […]

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    FREDA’s Makeup Studio Tips: 5 Tricks to Help Battle a Shiny Face

FREDA’s Makeup Studio Tips: 5 Tricks to Help Battle a Shiny Face

This summer season sure has been a steamy one! You might even find yourself looking up into the mirror and thinking to yourself, “How in the world did my face get so shiny?!” For some of us, as the temperature rises, so does the amount of oil sitting on our face.

But don’t get too discouraged! A shiny complexion a […]

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2016 Hot Spring Makeup Trends

Spring is all about pops of color. It’s time to put down those heavy colors of winter and be refreshed with the newness of spring! Don’t be afraid to embrace this new season and challenge yourself to try some new looks.

Here are a few trends we’re seeing this season:

Nudes: Spring is all about the new nude lips; we have […]

Getting the Perfect Brow

One of my favorite things about working in the beauty industry is being able to help my clients achieve beautiful brows. I’m often asked, “I can’t seem to get my eyebrows to look as glamorous as I’d like, how can I get that perfect shape and arch?” Eyebrow maintenance is truly an art that can take time and experience […]

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What to Look for in a Professional Makeup Studio

You’ve tried and tried to get that flawless makeup look you see in all the magazines. Flawless coverage, luscious and pouty lips, and eyes that are so powerful you could stop traffic. You’re wondering what the secret is to unlock that gorgeous, sexy look? Well, don’t pick up another tube of mascara before reading this because we have the […]

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Freda’s 5 Best Makeup Studio Tips and Tricks

The cosmetics world is becoming more and more of a sought after industry. Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashian’s, women seemingly everywhere are looking to achieve the perfect makeup application at home. From YouTube tutorials to step-by-step instructions, women everywhere are seeking new ways to look finished, just as you would if you went to a professional makeup studio. […]

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Getting the Best Wedding Makeup in Novi

As a bride, you may feel like your to-do list and expenses leading up to the big day just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Every little detail has been discussed or agonized over for weeks or months. As the big day draws nearer, you are probably starting to think less about what kind of centerpiece and favors you will […]

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